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Dear friends, we are glad to introduce our new book club LibrInsieme of Dante Alighieri Society Sydney on contemporary and modern Italian literature (in Italian).

The book club was born in November 2020 and like many other situations born in that period, the pandemic made it inevitable to have all our meetings remotely online (through Zoom calls). However, this fact has allowed the active participation of many Australian residents (not only from Sydney) and especially what we consider the flagship of our book club, that is the interview with the author after the book discussion altogether.

Each book will be examined through three separate meetings: Book and author introduction, Group discussion, Interview with the author (live from Italy). Book club participants read the book individually between the meetings and meet on a fortnightly basis in a Zoom call (around 6.30pm on Mondays/Tuesdays).

The Book Club is open to non-native Italian speakers who feel comfortable enough in reading, listening and (optional) discussing Italian novels. Give it a go if you’re not sure you can afford it, nobody will put pressure on you!

Here are the books we have read together so far:

  • Elena Ferrante – La vita bugiarda degli adulti (as the author is anonymous we interviewed her most famous academic scholar Tiziana de Rogatis)
  • Sacha Naspini – Ossigeno
  • Marta Barone – Città sommersa
  • Piergiorgio Pulixi – Un colpo al cuore
  • Martina Merletti – Ciò che nel silenzio non tace
  • Francesca Melandri – Sangue giusto

In the meanwhile, we’ve been honoured to become one of the Presidio Letterario of Dante Alighieri Society and we enthusiastically participated in the Strega Prize collective vote by reading, discussing and voting twelve books in two months (!)

For information and subscription queries, please send an e-mail to Buona lettura!

To have an idea on how our Book Club works, have a look at our video for Strega Prize: Video Premio Strega 

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