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Discover Italy: a new way of learning Italian


Casual and friendly conversation to discuss a contemporary topic and to explore an Italian region with its culture, food and history. A way of knowing the deep, hidden soul of the country and its people. An inside vision that no travel guide can give to you.

Every week we discuss a different topic with pre-reading, pre-watching materials and (some) related grammar exercises.

For example, we do an Italian region and its cities. Talk about its culture, its food, its art, buildings, history. Or we will discuss a contemporary topic of cultural interest that is relevant to the region, for examples politics, social issues, people, fun facts.

The focus is not on the grammar or vocabulary but on the texts, the information, the insights, the past and the present zeitgeist of the country. Eventually, grammar and vocabulary are practised and developed without noticing. Surely, your speaking skill will improve.

Every week you will receive the materials for the next class with the instructions regarding the most important things to read or watch. If you don’t have the time to work them out, don’t worry, someone in the class can referrer about it, otherwise we will do it together in class.

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