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Learn Italian through Cinema

Intermediate to Advanced – City School on Fridays, 5:45-8:15 pm

A step-by-step approach to language learning through classic and contemporary Italian films. An opportunity to develop and improve all four language skills and at the same time obtain insights into Italian life and culture.

This course can be a useful supplement to an intermediate/advanced language course as it will help reinforce some grammatical structures and increase familiarity with conversational Italian. It will moreover help comprehension and independent thinking.

The first two films which will be presented are the internationally acclaimed and Oscar winners “Cinema Paradiso” (Giuseppe Tornatore) and “La vita è bella” (Roberto Benigni).

The course will use study guides which divide the films in several sequences. For each of them there are numerous exercises including some that encourage students to creatively form their own sentences, both orally and in writing, speak together in class and understand the underlying subtleties present in the movies.

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