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Josto Luzzu

Born and raised in Cagliari, the beautiful regional capital of Sardinia, Josto is a certified Italian teacher with a long teaching experience in Italy, China, England, Laos, and Australia. He holds a BA in Chinese Language and Culture, as well as a Double MA in International Relations and International History. He is currently a PhD Candidate in Gender and Cultural Studies at the University of Sydney. He speaks five languages (Italian, Chinese, English, French, and Spanish) and has a deep understanding of the difficulties and beauties of learning a new idiom. Accordingly, his lessons are arranged to guide students through a journey of language discovery in a humorous, relaxed and creative environment. Thanks to his experience in teaching to students with different cultural/linguistic backgrounds and different levels of proficiency (from total beginner to advanced levels), Josto has developed a very interactive teaching approach, involving a wide range of activities, materials, and games, useful to explore and map each student’s linguistic achievements.

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